Apple TV and Security Cam Apps

We have been doing some investigations regarding Apple TV and our Security Cam Apps. This is what we found.

Project any EyeSpyFX Security Cam app onto a TV to allow large screen viewing.

40’ TV
Apple TV box             €100
iOS device (we tried iPad, iPod and iPhone)
EyeSpyFX Security Cam App, for example Viewer for AXIS Camera Companion.

Apple TV
Apple TV is a black box that allows you to project any (relatively new) Apple device to a TV. It is designed so you can project movies from your computer or iPod to your TV. This function uses an Apple projection system called AIRPLAY. It also has a range of built in content features like Netflix and YouTube and Vimeo. Apple TV costs about €100.

Apple TV control slots

Apple TV control slots

Attaching Apple TV to the 40’ TV was easy: We simply plugged it in using a HDMI cable. The HDMI cable was not provided with the Apple TV unit (which is a bit mean of Apple we thought as the device is near useless without a HDMI cable).

When you plug the Apple TV into your TV you enter the details of your WIFI network password to connect the Apple TV to your network. You enter the password using a screen based keyboard which you control using the remote control from the Apple TV. We did this here in the EyeSpyFX office and it worked fine, but we have lots of wifi devices in the office and our wifi is a bit overloaded so we opted to plug the Apple TV into our Network using a standard Ethernet cable.

Mirror the App
Next take your iOS device and on iOS 7 swipe up from the bottom of the screen to make the control panel appear. Select Apple TV and switch on Mirroring.

Setting up Apple TV Mirroring

Setting up Apple TV Mirroring

Now open an EyeSpyFX app. Apple TV will work with all EyeSpyFX apps. The app will be mirrored on the TV. The best performance is when you turn the device into landscape mode as per in this snap, showing “Grid View” in “Viewer for AXIS Camera Companion”. Projecting an app onto a TV is useful for basic viewing of security cameras on TV’s. Its a great way to monitor your business premises from home.

EyeSpyFX Security Cam App, mirrored onto TV screen using Apple TV

EyeSpyFX Security Cam App, mirrored onto TV screen using Apple TV

Optimised Projection with “PVM for AXIS”
To create optimised projection to a TV for example to use as a “Public View Monitor” we have created a special app called PVM for AXIS. This app is designed to work with Stand Alone IP Cameras (Viewer for AXIS Cams) or Cameras in an AXIS Camera Companion Site. The app is specifically designed to project to TV screens. Apple TV makes this app even easier to use. The app has special projection features like Guard Tour enabling automatic scrolling from one cam to another. The app maximizes use of the available TV screen size (rather than simply mirroring the App).

PVM for AXIS iOS app gives optimised Public View Monitor Performance

PVM for AXIS iOS app gives optimised Public View Monitor Performance

PVM for AXIS iOS app give many optimised Public View Monitor features including 4x4 and timed Guard Tour options

PVM for AXIS iOS app give many optimised Public View Monitor features including 4×4 and timed Guard Tour options


Gesture control for Camera Companion

In the latest of “Viewer for AXIS Camera Companion” features gesture based control. You can move from cam to cam by swiping up and down on the image. In the recordings area you can control the timeline by swiping left and right. We are gradually moving toward an idea where we can move through time and space (represented by cameras) in a fluid way with less and less UI getting in the way.

Liquid UI: Gesture Control of cameras and timeline

Liquid UI: Gesture Control of cameras and timeline

My WebCam update _ improved Timelapse Webcams

My WebCam v2.10 for iPad and iPhone now has an improved feature for creating Timelapse Movies.

Simply point your webcam and the scene you want to record and set the Timelapse interval 5, 10, 30 or 35 minutes and leave the broadcaster running for up to a week.

The finished Timelapse movie can be downloaded using the My WebCam Mobile app and then shared via YouTube.


We came across this beautiful animated timelapse webcam today from Portnellan in Scotland.

EyeSpyFX – Cognimatics People Counter


You can now view Cognimatics True View People Counter using EyeSpyFX iOS mobile app “Viewer for AXIS Cams”.

Use the app to go to a camera that has the Cognimatics True View People Counter installed on it. When you click on the camera you will see the RED Cognimatics icon appear in the feature list. When this icon appears it means that the app has detected the presence of Cognimatics People Counter ACAP app. Follow the link to bring up the Counter statistics. – mobile intelligence!


My WebCam Animated Timelapse Photography

One of the most popular features of My WebCam over the years has always been the ability to set up your webcam to make Timelapse sequences. Very often these sequences can be beautiful as well as being a great way to view a video summary of the day.

You can set the webcam up to take a snap every 10 minutes. 288 snapshots are collected and made into a movie you can view from within the My WebCam Mobile apps.

Now we have made this service even better. You can save the Timelapse Archive as a Movie. It gets saved as a Movie into the Photo Album. From there you can share it on FB, Twitter or YouTube or embed into a blog.

Here is one (not one of the beautiful examples) that I made a few days ago.

And here is the step by step process on the Mobile App (this feature is on the My WebCam iOS app only, We will put this feature in the Android app soon)archiveblog500

Managing Alzheimer’s using App Technology

We recently ran a project where a camera was installed in the home of a elderly person suffering from Alzheimers. She lives alone. Her family wanted to be able to check up on her while they are out at work. We provided a “Video Surveillance as a Service” (VSaaS) camera and a range of mobile apps for each of the family members. In this paper we describe the project and the main outcomes.

Viewer for AXIS Cams v3.0.0. Update now available with Edge Storage

EyeSpyFX is pleased to announce that our iOS app “Viewer for AXIS Cams” has been updated. The new app has many performance upgrades and now features an In App Purchase enabling access to Edge Storage.

Edge Storage is a development in AXIS network cameras that enables video recording directly to an on-board SD-Card or a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. It is sometimes referred to as local storage or onboard recording.

With mobile access to Edge Storage “Viewer for AXIS Cams” users can create a complete security system with motion detection event recording all onboard a single camera. This could give a perfect solution for a small business owner who is keen to monitor live and recorded events while away from the premises.