Stephen Fry on Smart Phones

Stephen Fry (cumplusive individual, comedian and commentator) has written a blog entry about smart phones

Its worth a look


Here are some quotes:

“I have never seen a SmartPhone I haven’t bought

(I’m not even going to mention outside these parentheses the LG Prada phone, that’s an iPhone beater in the same way Tim Henman is a Federer beater)

My disappointment in the P1i turned to anger ……… The miserable nonsense of the browser (a bad implementation of Opera) – I mean what on earth is the point of having menu shortcuts that involve using two fingers?

The E90 is thick-as-a-brick, expensive (ex-contract as an offline purchase it’s well over £600. Or maybe they just saw me coming) and yet … I LIKE IT!

God knows this is (E90) NO iPhone killer. But unlike the iPhone it does have something approaching a manageable filing system, Bluetooth that works, GPS, quick text entry via a keyboard (Steve Jobs here you are wrong, much as it grieves me to say it – more below), the ability to save and move around attachments, to download applications and to create documents.


On the I phone: Server side apps only. No, no, no, no, no. This is NOT good. It’s one thing to want to keep the proprietary system closed, but to present a device sealed in digital Araldite is a Bad Idea.

Text entry. I’m sorry Steve, but physical keyboards are okay. They’re fine.

Another triumph for Jonathan Ive and his design team, Apple have made a wholly desirable and beautiful object.”