Android keypad solution for IPIO

EyeSpyFX are pleased to launch a keypad solution for IPIO

IPIO units are found in a wide variety of installations. A frequently seen setup includes a keypad. The keypad arms/disarms the IPIO unit and the IPIO unit in turn disarms the Video Analytics using an input rule. The keypad gives user on site ability to disarm without using the app. The IPIO app can still be used in the normal way.

traditional keypad

omg, doh!

There are three main problems with this set up:
1. The keypad needs to be physically wired to the IPIO unit. This often involves drilling a hole in a wall.
2. When a user arms/disarms the system using the keypad the log of that event is recorded a “Keypad has Disarmed”. This is because the keypad is dumb – it has no way of knowing who the user is. The keypad simply accepts the right pin code and unlocks the system.
3. Having a shared keypad code with multiple users is inherently insecure.
These problems can be overcome by building a system using an Android tablet. Our new app “IPIO Keypad” is downloaded onto the tablet. The tablet is wall mounted using a escutcheon plate fitting replacing the old fashioned keypad. The tablet is given a permanent power supply and placed in Kiosk mode locking the app to be permanently on.
IPIO app users register with the Keypad app and are given a unique code. They use this code to unlock the keypad and carry out any arm/disarm action they wish.

IPIO keypad

Smart keypad

The IPIO keypad solution has several advantages over a standard keypad:
1. It looks clean and modern (Ideal for showrooms)
2. Events are logged according user name. The logs appear in the standard IPIO app and also the IPIO keypad app.
3. No wires are required from the android tablet to the IPIO unit. The keypad connects to the IPIO unit via the internet via wifi.

IPIO keypad

Smart keypad shows customised controls