My WebCam 2.0 – its here

We have been working on the release for My Webcam 2 for err…ages. We have it done now, with apps on multiple phones and a brand new broadcaster on pc and mac.

1. We have a brand new broadcaster software. Its free, its faster, it has improved UI and its available on Mac and PC

2. My WebCam broadcaster 2.0 can support multiple cams including USB webcams and network cams.

3. The sign in and password features are now even easier to use

4. There are updates of the mobile viewer apps for Blackberry, Apple and Android. They all look great and work brilliantly. The mobile apps are still just $4.99.

5. We now have My WebCam for iPad.

My webcam is the perfect answer for home and small business monitoring. If you are new to My Webcam we made this promotional video to help get you started.

Enjoy, from all in EyeSpyFX