Widsets is a Nokia project. “WidSets represents a first step in mobilizing the Internet vision of Nokia” Widsets was launched in October 2006. Widsets is a system where mini applications called widgets can be made and managed. The idea Widsets is that if a fully functional Java environment is provided high end Web 2.0 style apps can be made to work.

This is a powerful idea. And it looks great.



It is a bit closed, a little like a walled garden. Every widget is ultimately under the control of widsets. If they dont like you maybe they will turn you off. Some web 2.0 developers may not like that possibility.

On the up side Widsets is good for phone users. One of the features that widsets uses is a data traffic manager, so you can see how much data traffic bills you are running up. Also if you want your phone to have lots of high end java apps it is nice that within the widsets concept they are all orgainised in one place. However, if the main differentiator between widsets and just downloading apps individually is the data traffic manager feature…it may not be quete enough. I wonder if that dilemma is one of those situations where a well designed and orgainised environment is competing with a free, but slightly crazy environment.