Openmoko and the Phone OS race

Openmoko are a company who are developing a linux phone…which also seems to feature JavaFX. This marks the further re definition of phones by OS rather than Industrial Design.

So to me the OS race start line looks like this at the moment (no particular order):

Nokia OS 40 series

Nokia OS 60 series

Symbian phones

Mac OS on an IPhone

Sony Ericsson OS +variants

Motorola OS +variants

Windows Mobile

Linux (Openmoko)

and the all the others

OpenMoko reveal their philiosophy on their web page:

“Mobile phones, currently closed and self limited, will rival broadband computers. When based on Open standards, they will deliver ubiquitous computing and vanish.

Ubiquitous computing means more than computing wherever you wander: It means knowing the locale, weaving seamlessly into the local fabric, and vanishing.

Devices disappear when developers have unrestricted access to hardware.

Neo gives you this control for the first time.

We want your mind in OpenMoko. Let’s work together. You’ll have our full support. Now, Free Your Phone.”