IP Utility for AXIS Cameras – easy discovery of AXIS IP Cameras


The easiest way to discover the IP address and MAC address of AXIS Cameras is by using this simple app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ip-utility-for-axis-cameras/id875861065?mt=8

IP Utility for AXIS Cameras is designed for camera installation engineers. It searches a network and discovers AXIS IP Cameras. The app enables you to set a root password if one has not already been set. This feature will be displayed if the camera has not already been set up.

Discovered AXIS IP Cameras are displayed in a list showing the serial number of the camera and the IP address.

By highlighting a specific camera you can view the camera in a web browser if you know the user name and password.

  • - Discover
  • - Set root password
  • - View cam

If you need to discover AXIS Cameras on a network then this app makes it easy and enables you to do so without needing to carry a laptop.