Security and the Internet of Things; The Internet of Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hugely hyped concept. The hype is fueled by multi million dollar acquisitions such as the Google purchase of NEST. So far, much of the IoT action has been in the domestic consumer space.

One of the main ideas in IoT is the idea of Smart objects. In Security the tendency to build centralised server systems runs somewhat counter to the IoT idea of Smart objects.  In Security, intelligence, analytics and computational features tend to reside in the server rather than in the objects: the cameras, sensors and controllers that connect to the system. This contrasts with the consumer IoT where there are fewer central systems. In the consumer IOT features reside in the smart devices themselves, perhaps supported by generalized metadata from a cloud service. The NEST thermostat for example is a Smart object of itself not an object that relies on a connection to a smart server .

There are signs that Security is moving to a more edge based IoT style architecture. The AXIS Camera Companion system is one example of this. If an Internet of Security is to prosper then objects need to be discoverable and configurable and need to be able to respond to queries about the features they possess. In higher end security cameras this level of program-ability is already in place.

At IFSEC we have seen for several years now the development of Mobile Clients for server based Security Camera systems. Of course, this is good ,but really it is simply adding a mobile layer to an old Architecture. This trend contrasts with the next wave of mobile apps on ever more powerful mobile devices that can connect directly to cameras and other smart security devices and present customized UI elements to suit the properties of each individual device. Increasingly it is clear that a central server is not required. Instead edge devices organised and managed by a powerful, easy to use mobile apps stands to become a prevalent architectural model. Could this be the future Internet of Security?

At IFSEC14 EyeSpyFX are pleased to demonstrate an alpha version of our own Internet of Security product called Timeline. Timeline is a mobile app system that manages and enables video from AXIS Cameras and combines it with Access events from the new A1001 Access control product from AXIS. Timeline needs no server, all its capability is drawn from the mobile app. Essentially, Timeline is a Mobile Video Management System (mobileVMS). Timeline is an example of the next generation of mobile apps for the security industry: ultra light weight, agile and extremely powerful with a focus on ease of ease of use. To find out more about this potentially disruptive next wave of app technology call in and talk to us at stand B110 at IFSEC 14.

We would like to invite to installers and system integrators to join out join our advance thinking test flight group and help us shape the future of mobile  Security Camera Systems.

Timeline: The Internet of Security

Timeline: The Internet of Security