Some fun webcams

After setting up our Lamp Cam it occured to us that there must be other webcams out there that offer the same sort of interactive experience.

So after searching the internet heres a few of the websites we came across.

1. Tele Toyland
This site focuses on web connected robots
and has a number of interactive cams.
Only the TeleSkeleton Cam would work for us,
so I’d recommend playing with it.

TeleSkeleton & Web Truck

2. Web Truck
This webcam has a nice control page that lets you see the truck from above and from the side.
You can drive the truck around as well as scoop up, and dump objects.

3. Drive Me Insane
Drive Me Insane is very similar to our Lamp Cam.
The owner has a number of lamps and lights set up around a room,
which you can switch on and off from the page.
I think the idea is that you can drive the owner insane,
but I have yet to see him/her in the room.

Drive Me Insane & Control Our Junk

4. Control Our Junk
Control Our Junk has a number of internet controlled toys
that you can play with from the control page.
It takes a few minutes to work out all the controls,
and the interface could be better.
But once you get the hang of it, its quite fun.

Enjoy the cameras, and stay tuned for more.