Unscheduled Maintenance

All the broadcasters should be up & running again.
Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

EyeSpyFX Team

Our hosting provider is having issues carrying out Network maintenance.
As a result many of our broadcasts are not available until they complete the work.

The problem is out of our control and we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

EyeSpyFX Team

AXIS Camera Companion

EyeSpyFX is proud to announce the release of our newest App:-
Viewer for AXIS Camera Companion.

AXIS Camera Companion is an entry-level IP video solution for small installations. It supports up to 16 cameras and is ideal for local shops, hotels & offices. (Read more about AXIS Camera Companion)

EyeSpyFX have been working closely with AXIS to create a mobile application that is an integral part of the Camera Companion system.

You can view your cams live, watch recorded videos, control your pan/tilt cameras, save snapshots or recording of suspicious activity & more using the application. Viewer for AXIS Camera Companion is available now for Android, iPhone & iPad.

Audio in VHS

Our VHS Viewer for AXIS App now offers the ability to listen to your cams while you watch.

This new feature is available on VHS Viewer for AXIS on both iPhone & iPad.

Simply select your camera & you will automatically connect to any RTSP enabled camera using it’s H.264 video stream. Then listen to your cam live.
(Your provider must be using a VHS Version 2.0 Server)


The ability to get audio from a camera & play it on the device is a powerful new component.

The feature is already available on the Viewer for Axis Cams App, with the D-Link Cams Application next on the development list.

Our co.uk server up again

The co.uk server is now working again,
and the My Webcam service is in good working order.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
The My Webcam service & the World Cams camera list are temporarily down.

We are attempting to resolve the situation.
Please accept our apologies.

World Cams on Windows Phone

World Cams comes to Windows Phone.

View webcams from around the World, Live on your Windows Phone.
6 categories of cams: Animal, City, Scenic, People, Aqua & Unique.

This is our second Windows Phone Application, with the release of our MyWebcam App on the platform last week. We look forward to seeing the impact that Windows Phone has on the mobile industry & our app sales in the coming year.

Viewer for AXIS Cams, D-Link Cams, VHS Viewer & more of our apps will be making their way to the Windows Marketplace in the next few months.

World Cams is also available on Android, iPhone & iPad.
Get it now on the Windows Marketplace

MyWebcam on Windows Phone


EyeSpyFX are pleased to announce the launch of MyWebcam for Windows Phone.

View your webcam & 100’s of webcams worldwide live on your Windows Phone.

This is our first Windows Phone Application & we’re very excited about the potential new users the platform might bring.

You can expect to see more of our Apps coming to the Windows Marketplace soon.
Including WorldCams, AXIS Cams, D-Link Cams & others.

MyWebcam is already available on Android, Blackberry, Java Mobile, iPhone & iPad.
So this latest addition makes the MyWebcam service available to users on all the major mobile platforms.

Get it now on the Windows Marketplace

EyeSpyFX Christmas Cam

Sorry, as the Christmas season is over, the tree is no longer available.
However it will be back up again next year, so check back on it then.
Happy New Year everyone.

The EyeSpyFX Christmas Cam is back.
See our office Christmas tree & whatever other decorations we’ve thrown in.

The 2011 EyeSpyFX Christmas Cam

The 2011 EyeSpyFX Christmas Cam

The Christmas Cam is also featured on our World Cams application.
So it should get plenty of visitors this year.

Merry Christmas from everyone in the EyeSpyFX Office.

Record your IP Cam

We’ve added an exciting new feature to our range of IP Camera Applications.

EyeSpyFX now offer you the ability to record the live stream from your camera.
Record up to 30 seconds of video from your live stream and save it to your iPhone and iPad.

You can record the stream as many times as you want.
Capture funny moments or security threats directly to your device.
Then play or share the video later.

Feature now available on:-
Viewer for Axis Cams, D-Link Cams, Viewer for Mobotix Cams
Vivotek Cams, Panasonic Cams, Canon Cams
Y-Cams, Linksys Cams, Sony IP Cams

My Webcam back up

The My Webcam service is now back up and running.
(It may take another few hours for some countries)

As we mentioned in our last post, an increase of users & cameras meant that we needed to move My Webcam on to a new, bigger & faster server to ensure the best service for our users.

We are still in the process of optimizing the service for the increase in users.
So the loading of the Live List and initial load of some cameras is still slow.
Camera speeds should be unaffected once they have loaded.

We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused all of you,
and hope to have the service running at full speed soon.

Thank you for your understanding,
~The EyeSpyFX Team


Sometimes while we are searching for new and interesting cameras to put on our iPhone and Android application World Cams list we stumble across some great views that we cannot put on to the list.

We’ve decided that these views are too good not to show you.
This is the first of these World Cams:-


Africam.com is a website completely devoted to webcams in Africa.

Africam Website

It currently features 10 webcams offering fantastic views of wildlife and locations from all over Africa.

4 of those cameras have a live stream and (after watching an ad) you can watch these cameras at a very quick refresh speed.

The other 6 cams refresh a live image from 5 seconds to 30 seconds, and feature some excellent views that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Elephant Cam

With cameras on watering holes, nests and just across the plains you can see Elephants, Zebras, Buffalo, and Eagles.

They also have the Pyramid Cam, one of the “Unique” cams featured on our World Cams application.

Visit Africam now

Interested in seeing cameras from around the world on your mobile phone.
Read more on World Cams for both Android and iPhone in our App catalogue.