EyeSpyFX and Bob Mobile

EyeSpyFX is pleased to announce that BobMobile will distribute PhoneStreamFX.


PhoneStreamFX is a Java application for mobile phones that enables streaming webcams to be viewed from around the world. Using an associated piece of software “EyeSpyFX WebCam” you can set up your own webcam at home and view it via Phone StreamFX. In addition if you have a Logitech Sphere or a Creative Live Motion webcamera you can control the pan tilt function of the cam using your phone. Phone StreamFX is an example of PC and webcam and phone convergence.


Bob Mobile is an international provider of mobile and interactive premium and entertainment applications. Bob Mobile focuses on the international direct sale of mobile and interactive entertainment products to end customers and the development of downloadable and personalised solutions for mobile phones. Based on its strong brands Bob Mobile has established itself as a leading company in the fast-growing telecommunications market.

Bob Mobile provides individual turnkey solutions for the marketing of premium content and other mobile and interactive telephone services by TV broadcasters.

Bob Mobile owns a leading portfolio of exclusive mobile entertainment products. These are sold through our own B2C operations as well as via license partners in over 30 countries and worldwide

The Bob Mobile brand represents a creative, young and dynamic company. We in EyeSpyFX are delighted to be associated with them. Here is a web version of the new Bob Mobile TV advert:

What is an EyeSpyFX Account?

Recent updates to our sites, server, and services has changed the way EyeSpyFX works.

Most users will have noticed some changes to the look and feel of the site over the last few months. However what you may not have noticed is that we have made a number of changes to the background workings of the site also. One such change is that in order to get a registration code for your software (Version 3.0 and beyond), you are now signing up for an EyeSpyFX Account to get it.

One Account

This is because we have streamlined our system, now you need only signup for this one account instead of having to register every software and service individually. Once you are an EyeSpyFX Account holder you will have your own unique registration code for the EyeSpyFX Webcam software, and a unique PIN code with which you can access our different services.

The PIN and RegCode
Your unique PIN will allow you to easily locate your camera on the EyeSpyFX livelist, and makes your EyeSpyFX cameras easily accessible in the “My Cams” section of our Phone-StreamFX mobile phone application. Your unique registration code (along with your email address) will allow you to activate current (Version 3.0 and beyond) and future versions of EyeSpyFX software.

Your new account also means that future software updates and our exciting new services will be immediately accessible to you once they become available. For example CamToMobile and EyeSpyFX will soon be fully integrated with the one PIN for both services.

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What is Phone-StreamFX?

Phone-StreamFX is a Java Application that allows you to view streaming webcams live on your mobile phone.

The application allows you to view web cameras from both EyeSpyFX.com and CamToMobile.com. As well as offering a list of ‘World Cams’ with a number of interesting views from various locations throughout the world.

Using Phone-StreamFX
On its own Phone-StreamFX is a fun app for your mobile, however when used in tandem with our other services it transforms your phone into a portable security device allowing you to check in at home or work. As well as providing a handy method of just looking in on family or friends when on the road. All you need is your own webcam.

Phone-StreamFX Screenshots

Simply download the EyeSpyFX Webcam software if you have a USB camera, or add your camera’s details to the CamToMobile site if you have a network camera. Once your cam is set up and uploading, you can then use your unique PIN (provided at registration) to access your camera in the ‘My Cams’ section of Phone-StreamFX.

Movement Control
Phone-StreamFX offers the ability to move your camera directly from the phone. It provides pan & tilt for the Logitech Orbit(Sphere) and the Creative Live! Motion USB cameras using the 2, 4, 6, and 8 keys, on your phone’s keypad. You can also control the Sony M3 Network Camera.

Compatible Phones
The application works with most Java Enabled mobiles including most Nokia Series 40 and 60 phones, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and others. View a more detailed list of compatible phones.

Phone-StreamFX can be purchased here.