HVR App Update v3.0.1 _ Analogue cams reach for the cloud

HVRMobileWe are pleased to announce that our HVR for the Secure-I cloud based hosted video security cam service has been updated. The HVR mobile app now offers full support for AXIS Video Encoders.

This development extends on the compatibility with AXIS Network Cams and now enables you to use older analogue based cameras via an AXIS Video Encoder box and still enjoy the Mobile viewing benefits of Cloud based security monitoring and recording.


3 types of connectivity set up for Network Cameras: Number 3: CLOUD


Cameras connect to a user account service hosted in the cloud. Mobile viewer apps connect to the same user account to view live cameras and recordings. This type of service is known by many names, for example: VSaaS, (Video surveillance as a Service) AVHS (AXIS Video Hosting Service), HVR (Hosted Video Recording), VSP (Video Surveillance Provider), MVS (Managed Video Service).

A major advantage of a VHS system is that there is no need to open a port on your LAN. This makes it idea for locations where the It manager will never agree to open a Port – Doctors surgeries for example. It is also idea for businesses with multiple locations, for example franchise businesses. Storage of the recorded Video is offsite and this feature also provides some key advantages.

3 types of connectivity set up for Network Cameras:

Number 1: Direct Connection

Number 2: Camera Management System Connection

Number 1: Cloud

Audio in VHS

Our VHS Viewer for AXIS App now offers the ability to listen to your cams while you watch.

This new feature is available on VHS Viewer for AXIS on both iPhone & iPad.

Simply select your camera & you will automatically connect to any RTSP enabled camera using it’s H.264 video stream. Then listen to your cam live.
(Your provider must be using a VHS Version 2.0 Server)


The ability to get audio from a camera & play it on the device is a powerful new component.

The feature is already available on the Viewer for Axis Cams App, with the D-Link Cams Application next on the development list.