Timelapse animated archive feature

A new feature has been added to the Archive section. A time lapse animation will automatically play for all EyeSpyFX Webcam v3 cams who select to make an archive. You can set the archive to record every 10 mins, 30 mins, hour, three hours, day, etc. Its a great way to quickly review what happened during the day. You can play the animated movie forwards or backwards in time. You can aslo skip 10 frames at a time.


Here is an example

Live list icons

The Live List is a key page in the EyeSpyFx website. Here is a guide to the features and icons that are used on the Live List. teh default setting in EyeSpyFx webcam software is that cams appear on the live list. Many people choose to switch their cams of and access them by using there PIN code. The same PIN code can be used to access a cam via your phone using Phone StreamFX.


Robot Webcams

At least two Robot webcams were unveiled at CES this week

Sypke is from Meccano


and Rovio is from WowWee


Could this be the begining of telepresence in the home? Here are some video’s of them in action.