Live Mobile Content: Applications

Exemplar Mobile Live content applications include:


Example Advantages to Viewer/Customers

Example Content Developer profile


Sport enthusiast. Who is interested in matches being played in small clubs. Java app features comment entry facility for a blog update. PSMS payments are made to view each club site and match.

Football tournament organizer. Seeking to build revenue from amateur football tournaments and increase fan interaction.

Home security

Home owners. Check up on kids and property. Switch on lights and other systems. Pan tilt cameras. Access is given to account holders.

IP camera installers. Network camera manufacturers.


View a live event and place live bets.

Casino manager.


Keep an eye on elderly or sick relatives or patients.

Health board. Care in the community group.


Video chat with live models. Pay for access via a variety of methods

Mobile phone content developer.


Keep an eye on a 24/7 process. Interact with override switch procedures.

View remote industrial premises.

Factory owner.

Telecom infrastructure maintenance manager

Streaming movies

View a collection of movies clustered by a sort. Sport bloopers for example. Pay for access via PSMS

WAP portal content manager


Kids show each other views of their pets at home.

WAP portal content manager

E Learning

Essential “how to do it” information while you are on site in front of the customer.

On site repair service


Find a lonely heart view and chat to them while you are travelling from city to city.

Dating company

Live Mobile Content

Mobile live content is characterized by content which is live and which the mobile phone user is interacting with in some meaningful way. Typically a video stream is being sent to the user who is responding with pan tilt instructions, chat responses, purchase requests, etc. Dating and Live video chat is one example. Virtual live gambling another, controlling a pan tilt security camera another.

EyeSpyFX offer technical development expertise and support and maintenance to the live content developer. Our services cover the following areas:

Server side product development and support

Java application development using J2ME

WAP site development

Web cam broadcasting

Network camera integration

Movie broadcasting

Mobile Phone content billing systems

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EyeSpyFX realeases its free application RemoteControlEye.
RemoteControlEye enables remote control of the pan tilt function
of leading webcams such as the Logitech Orbit and Creative Live! Motion.

RemoteControlEye is designed to be used in conjunction with popular IM and VOIP programs such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo and Sykpe.