Video Blogging

Here at EyeSpyFX we put a lot of focus on the security uses of web cameras.
However in recent years, one of the primary uses of the webcam is for the creation of videos, for blogging and podcasts.

Video Blogging usually involves a number of videos on a web page along with text or images that allow the user to create a journal type log.
Blogs such as these allow people to create content about a particular topic, or as a personal diary.
Read more on Blogging and Video Blogging on wikipedia.

Creating a video for the internet can be a daunting task.
For most video blogging the first step requires the user to create a video using their computer, from a webcam, camrecorder, or even camera phone.
After this video is created, the user needs to put the video on a video hosting site such as youtube or google video, and then embed that hosted file onto their blog.

However there are a lot of sites and software available that make these tasks much easier.
Uploading a video has become a simple task, and the easy of use for blog sites are incredible.
Users do not need to write the code anymore, as the sites will automatically generate it for them.

Video hosting sites include:
youtube, google video, vidilife, soapbox, and others.

The site Life Goggles has two good guides/reviews on a number of different video hosting sites.
Here are direct links to the two articles.
4 Easy steps to getting your videos online
4 more easy steps to getting your videos online

Blog sites
There are a number of free blog publishing sites, that generate and host blogs for user. You provide the content. Some of these are:
Blogger, WordPress, Vox

This still leaves the task of creating the video content.
Alot of web cameras now come with video recording software, so users should be able to easily create content and upload it to the web

One impressive web appliaction that has been available for some time now is Flixn.
Flixn is a web based application that connects directly to the webcam, then with a press of a button you can record up to 5 minutes worth of video directly to the web.


Some people prefer to edit and manipulate the content before uploading, but for a beginner, or someone short on time, Flixn offers a fast and free method for video blogging.

Unfortunately if you make a mistake 4 minutes into the video you’ll either have to live with it or start again.

Happy blogging.


Setting up security video cameras around the home so that you have a surveillance camera to protect your property can be useful. Security cameras can not only provide evidence in case of a crime but you can also get a home security camera for peace of mind.

Phone StreamFX updated

Phone StreamFX has been updated to now include a My Cam log on feature. This feature enables users to logon directly listing their own cameras. New options have been added allowing full screen images. A number of small bugs have been fixed and compatability with ranges of phones has been increased.

Phone StreamFX is now even more suited to home and business security and peace of mind applications.