Server incident update

We have had a major increase in the number of My Webcam users. This resulted in us upgrading the servers, that in turn has caused some disruption to service and perfomance issues. We are still working to resolve those issues. Sorry for the inconvience caused – when we get it all upgraded the service will be faster and stronger. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Anton – Managing Director, EyeSpyFX

My Webcam back up

The My Webcam service is now back up and running.
(It may take another few hours for some countries)

As we mentioned in our last post, an increase of users & cameras meant that we needed to move My Webcam on to a new, bigger & faster server to ensure the best service for our users.

We are still in the process of optimizing the service for the increase in users.
So the loading of the Live List and initial load of some cameras is still slow.
Camera speeds should be unaffected once they have loaded.

We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused all of you,
and hope to have the service running at full speed soon.

Thank you for your understanding,
~The EyeSpyFX Team

Service Incident

EyeSpyFX flagship app My WebCam experienced a 200% surge in popularity last week and err, well frankly our servers felt the strain… we upgraded the whole system. We now have a fancy new cloud based system which can deal with spikes better. The downside is that we had to make a sudden move from our old dedicated servers to the new cloud system and our customers experienced a day of interrupted service. We are sorry and we hope that you understand that it was really what could be called an example of growing pains! Apologies again for the interuption and I hope you enjoy the new cloud service.

Anton, Managing Director, EyeSpyFX

My WebCam 2.0 – its here

We have been working on the release for My Webcam 2 for err…ages. We have it done now, with apps on multiple phones and a brand new broadcaster on pc and mac.

1. We have a brand new broadcaster software. Its free, its faster, it has improved UI and its available on Mac and PC

2. My WebCam broadcaster 2.0 can support multiple cams including USB webcams and network cams.

3. The sign in and password features are now even easier to use

4. There are updates of the mobile viewer apps for Blackberry, Apple and Android. They all look great and work brilliantly. The mobile apps are still just $4.99.

5. We now have My WebCam for iPad.

My webcam is the perfect answer for home and small business monitoring. If you are new to My Webcam we made this promotional video to help get you started.

Enjoy, from all in EyeSpyFX