Nokia S40 world view

Working with iOS, Android and Blackberry its sometimes easy to forget the massive reach of Series 40 Nokia. In EyeSpyFX we started of building our apps for Series 40 and 60 in 2004. For us in EyeSpyFX I guess it reached its height in 2006/7. The problem was always distribution and multi model compatibility. Nokia had no app store and 100s of different phones. Now there is Ovi and rather fewer models of phone. In fact in recent years Nokia have made some really beautiful series 40 phones, overlooked in all the hype about “smart” phones. The Touch and Type X3 is one example. I wonder how Nokia will manage the future of its feature phone division once they start to roll out Windows Mobile phones. This video is part of the campaign to grab developer interest in Series 40 and the Create4Millions competition.