The next iPhone? iPhone Nano!

Predicting the future is not easy, but here is some kind of wishful thinking future gazing: A sort of iPhone Nano or perhaps it could be called iPhone Euro?

If Apple made an iPhone like this one in the sketch it would be cool but Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson may not like it.

The app store has made thousands of apps developed by thousands of independent developers available easily. Delivering an app store was comparatively easy for Apple, they simply bolted it onto itunes. Other phone manufacturers have not got anything like itunes..yet. Ok so they all say they are going to bring out app stores but will the total experience be anything as smooth as the apple store? Nokia comes with Music is certainly significant. Blackberry app stores and Google android stores may well be good but they may not stock the movies and music that itunes has. It is not necessarily the phone that is the advantage that Apple has it’s the whole system.

From apples point of view I bet they are sitting in California thinking they could take the Phone market not just dominate the PDA/smart phones sector.

For example if Apple came out with a slide phone with the pinch UI for web and images, a cam and a keyboard for one handed texting and the iphone OS and itunes it would be incredibly hard to compete with.