My Nose rejected by Apple

Another mobile application has run afoul of Apple’s mysterious App Store approval policies. This time, the iPhone developer in the crosshairs is EyeSpyFX, which created has created the controversial award winning nose picking application My Nose. Apple nevertheless rejected the submission, citing a clause in the Apple iPhone SDK.EyeSpyFX received an App Store rejection letter reading in part “Thank you for submitting MyNose to the App Store. We’ve reviewed myNose and determined that we cannot post this version of your iPhone application to the App Store because it violates the iPhone SDK Agreement; ‘HCI Design Guideline: Noses must not be completely ridiculous”

EyeSpyFX CEO Anthony Hutton said “we are devastated by the setback, it is a hammer blow for the company. Of course our determination is not diminished and we will be working around the clock to fix up the noses and plan to resubmit the app asap.

My Nose

Fuelled by excited expectation My Nose is causing a storm.

In an unprecented development My Nose has scooped the coveted “best nose picking app of 2009″ ahead of its actual arrival in the App store!

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