New "Embed" feature for EyeSpyFX WebCam

You can now embed images from an EyeSpyFX Webcam in a blog or on a website.

1. Copy the embed code given on the camera page


2. Copy the code into your blog or web site


3. Now your blog will update this image automatically whenever someone looks at the cam. Here is one from our office window.

EyeSpyFX Snapshot

Mobile Phone Webcam

Can you use a phone as a webcam?


Yes. Phone CamFX is a Java webcam broadcast programme that runs on a mobile phone. It enables the user to broadcast live images, just like a webcam, using the camera on their phone. Up to two images per minute can be broadcast.The images can be viewed on the EyeSpyFX website or via mobile phone using Phone StreamFX. Users can embed the images on blogs using an embed code provided on the website. Phone CamFX is ideal for life blogging, sharing a special moment with a loved one, fun, spy and monitoring purposes.

Phone CamFX is compatible with high end Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. Phone CamFX is world first product of its type.


Request a Beta release a Beta version of Phone CamFX by email to info at eyespyfx dot com. Read more about this product here


anto nokia
Example of embedded image uploaded using PhoneCamFX.


PhoneCamFX enable you to provide instant webcam updates to the web