Halloween Cam

(Update: Halloween Cam has now become Lamp Cam, and the bug that was occuring has been removed. )

We here in the EyeSpyFX have set up our very own Pumkin Cam in the office.

A Halloween Cam


We’ve added a special feature allowing you the user to turn the light inside the pumkin on and off from the webcam page.
Two simple links, one for Light On, and one for Light Off.
(See pic above, the green arrow is pointing at them)

View the cam, and give it a try.

Pumpkin Digg it

Want to stare out the English Rugby team?

Got a webcam, and 5 minutes to spare?
Then why not have a staring contest against a member of England’s Rugby team.

To play go to the O2 blueroom site, and load up the game.

O2 Stare Out

Then pick an opponent.
(Mike Tindall lasts 5 minutes, so you may want to start with one of the others)

Then line up your eyes with your webcam ……

Eye Contact

…….and try to last more than the pathetic 36 seconds that I did.

I Blinked

Or for those of you who like to fool around, try grabbing a photograph, picture, or another object with eye like shapes, and try to fool O2’s state-of-the-art Stare Out system.

I won!!!

For anyone whose wondering, it felt good to defeat a world champion.