My WebCam Animated Timelapse Photography

One of the most popular features of My WebCam over the years has always been the ability to set up your webcam to make Timelapse sequences. Very often these sequences can be beautiful as well as being a great way to view a video summary of the day.

You can set the webcam up to take a snap every 10 minutes. 288 snapshots are collected and made into a movie you can view from within the My WebCam Mobile apps.

Now we have made this service even better. You can save the Timelapse Archive as a Movie. It gets saved as a Movie into the Photo Album. From there you can share it on FB, Twitter or YouTube or embed into a blog.

Here is one (not one of the beautiful examples) that I made a few days ago.

And here is the step by step process on the Mobile App (this feature is on the My WebCam iOS app only, We will put this feature in the Android app soon)archiveblog500

My WebCam Live List now all Mobile

My WebCam Live List on the web has been removed. This has been done to improve security and speed for Mobile users. You can still access the Live List but only via the My WebCam Mobile apps.

You can still access your personal camera via the web. Here is how: On your My WebCam Broadcaster click this button:mwc_linkbutton

This will bring you this webpage:


Hit the Share button and you will be brought to this webpage and from here you will see embed code (allowing to embed into blogs, etc) and a tinyurl you can use to send to friends or to your self for easy reference sharepage


App Injection – the Internet of Things

App Injection occurs when a mobile app is used to negotiate the permissions and set up required when loading an app onto a remote “thing*” – upgrading or changing the function of the “thing”. This circumstance arises in the development of “the internet of things”

Imagine you own a “thing” as part of your portfolio of “internet of things”. You can upgrade or change the function of the “thing” by loading a new app or other software onto the thing. You use a mobile app to control the thing. To can use the mobile app to instigate a process of injecting the new software into the thing. This is called App Injection.

* The “thing” could be a car, a camera, a heating system, a network drive, etc.