Google ads on mobile

We have been wondering when we would see Google ads on Mobile and also wondering about how it might work.

A method and system for presenting promotional content to a user of a communication device involves receiving information from a communication device, where the information relates to the communication device, and identifying a result relating to the information that is capable of being presented in a plurality of formats on the communication device, and dynamically selecting a format for the result from among the plurality of formats, and presenting the result in the selected format for display by the communication device.

The general trust of the claim (so it seems to me) is that the ads are context if you search for something on your will be shown an ad that is relevent to your search and your location for example.

Further it is claimed that you will be able to click the and fire of an SMS automatically. This SMS could entitle you to a coupon. Anthor type of ad may bring you to the advertisers mobile web site. Another could simply open an SMS compose window where you can write a message to the advertiser. A further claim referres to plurality of formats which I think is about formating the advert page to suit the phone model.
Read all about it on the US patent office site

My comment? Maybe I am missing something but this sort of thing is routinley done in the Adult content mobile phone industry, I cant understand how a patent could hold, but then I am not Google.

Phone StreamFX image sizes

The latest version of StreamFX features a choice of image sizes on the My Cam list and the World Cams list.

There is a choice of small and large images. The large image fills the screen of the phone and bleeds of the side edges. Simply scroll left and right to see the whole image.

The small image size fills the screen according to the width of the phone. You can see the difference in effect below. Refresh rate is slightly faster on the small image setting.


Three different sorts of cam lists on Phone StreamFX

Phone StreamFX features three different types of Cam List

1. World cams – famous cams from around the world
2. EyeSpyFX cams – USB webcams using EyeSpyFX software
3. My Cams – Logon here using a PIN to see your IP security cams


These lists reflect different ways to interact with Phone-StreamFX

1. World cams – famous cams from around the world

This list features cams from around the world inculding the Eiffel Tower and the Washington monument and view from our office window. :)

2. EyeSpyFX cams – USB webcams using EyeSpyFX software

This list features USB webcams broadcasting using EyeSpyFX webcam software. You can set up your own USB webcam to broadcast here by downloading our software. If you have a Logitech Orbit or a Creatie Live Motion you can view and control the pan tilt feature using the toggle bar on the phone and also set preset positions up. EyeSpyFX customers use their cams for home security monitoring, office and shop monitoring and a variety of other uses. You can password protect your cam for privacy. One cam is used for spoting the Loch Ness Monster

3. My Cams – Logon here using a PIN to see your IP security cams

If you have an IP Cam (Network Camera) you can register it using and then view via the My Cams area. The registrtaion process will provide you with a unique PIN that you can use to Logon. Network Cameras are mostly used for security monitoring applications. There is no limit to the amount of cameras you register with CamtoMobile.


Depending on your brand a digital camera battery may not work to replace the batteries for your camcorder and especially not the batteries for other kinds of devices. If you need to replace your cell phone battery you should research to make sure you’re buying the right kind.

I phone and third party apps

It looks likes the applications on the I phone are going to be restricted …or at least managed in very tight way by Apple. There is discussion on the net suggesting that the phone may in effect be locked down with no possibility for third party apps. Steve Jobs says that it is best to think of the I phone more like an I POD rather than a PC. If it is true and you really cant load other apps on the I Phone then I think it will be thought of as more of a domestic market product than business mobile computing tool. 

Apple I Phone

The much predicted Apple I Phone was unveiled yesterday. It lives up to the hype! It solves some major problems that have been holding back mobile computing. Here are three reasons why the iphone is innovative:

Problem 1. HCI. Data entry

Phones have a user interface problem. If you want to type in stuff you need a keyboard but the phone is too small for a keyboard. Solutions have tended to revolve around:

touch sensitive screen and stylus


(a composite image if text input methods)

None of these methods is completely satisfactory. Apple have come up with finger input on a touch sensitive screen. Every solution is a compromise between size and ease of use. The bigger screen on the I Phone gives finger input the edge. So now its easy to write in a URL. Being able to write in a URL is a major step forward for the mobile web – wobile.

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Video Blogging Update

In November we did an article on Video Blogging. Since that article there have been a number of changes and developments on the Video Blogging front.
So we thought we’d give you an update.

Last time we mentioned Flixn as an impressive application, that allows the user to record video from their webcam directly to the web.
Since then, one of the video hosting industry’s leading players; YouTube; has added this very feature to their site. YouTube Quick Capture.
Quick Capture offers Flixn’s ability to directly post video content to the web, with YouTubes sense of community, and thre ability to upload ten minutes of video instead of four.
This is a great addition to YouTube’s ever expanding service.

 The last article also featured a number of articles from the site Life Goggles.
Since then they have produced three more features on the subject.
Part 3 of 4 easy steps to getting your videos online
Online video sharing comparison matrix
What is the best video sharing site?
Some of it goes over what the previous articles covered. But they are worth a look if nothing else.

Happy Blogging