Video Blogging Update

In November we did an article on Video Blogging. Since that article there have been a number of changes and developments on the Video Blogging front.
So we thought we’d give you an update.

Last time we mentioned Flixn as an impressive application, that allows the user to record video from their webcam directly to the web.
Since then, one of the video hosting industry’s leading players; YouTube; has added this very feature to their site. YouTube Quick Capture.
Quick Capture offers Flixn’s ability to directly post video content to the web, with YouTubes sense of community, and thre ability to upload¬†ten minutes of video instead of four.
This is a great addition to YouTube’s ever expanding service.

 The last article also featured a number of articles from the site Life Goggles.
Since then they have produced three more features on the subject.
Part 3 of 4 easy steps to getting your videos online
Online video sharing comparison matrix
What is the best video sharing site?
Some of it goes over what the previous articles covered. But they are worth a look if nothing else.

Happy Blogging