City Cams

Love Cities? EyeSpyFX is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Mobile Phone application, City Cams. City Cams enables users to view live webcam feeds from major cities around the world: including: San Francisco, Beijing, London, Paris, Galway, Berlin, Moscow, New York, and more. City Cams has a simple, intuitive, totally additive user interface that allows the user to jump from city to city seeing the sights and soaking up the atmosphere all from your phone and without using up any carbon footprint.

City Cams is launched today (10/10/08) in Germany with and in the UK on It is also available via the EyeSpyFX website on

About EyeSpyFX

EyeSpyFX provide leading edge, webcam based, user generated Mobile Content. The company specialises in the development of advanced mobile phone java applications. The company is based in Derry, Northern Ireland.