Loch Ness cam continues to amaze

One of EyeSpyFX’s long standing customers, Loch Ness cam, in the name of science, continues to offer viewers the ability to remotely join the growing collection of people who have seen the Loch Ness monster for themselves.

Actual sightings are of course rare but check out these amazing, and frightening eyewitness accounts from as recently as 2005:

2005 Sightings (total 4)

15th October
Robbie Girvan, owner of the Loch Ness Caravan Park at Invermoriston, took five pictures of what he described as a 4 feet high head and neck at 6pm when he was walking his dogs by the loch shore. He said he saw a long neck come out of the water and had time to return to the house, get his camera, and return to take the pictures. Previously a non-believer, he said that the dark green and silvery creature could only have been Nessie.

9th September
A retired Master Mariner was cruising just south of Urquhart Bay in a Caley Cruisers boat at a speed of 9 knots when they were overtaken by an unknown object which was between them and the south shore. Unlike anything any of the three people on the boat had seen before, the sighting lasted several minutes with whatever it was only disappearing as they moved the boat towards it. A regular boat user on the loch, the captain said that there was no rational explanation for what they had seen.

28th August
Kelly Yeats and Neil McKenzie from Bridge of Dee were staying at Foyers Bay House when they saw a long necked, curved headed creature in the loch at 8.30 in the morning. The sighting lasted 10 minutes.

11th August
Mr Bell and his family from Newcastle watched what they described as the head of a large animal move through the loch at 6pm in the evening. The family, who were on the veranda of a holiday lodge at Foyers at the time, said that the head was larger than that of a cow and was about 1/3 of the way across the loch. Regular visitors to the area, they were convinced it was not a boat wake or wave movement that they had seen.

Check out the Loch Ness cam yourself here: