Openmoko and the Phone OS race

Openmoko are a company who are developing a linux phone…which also seems to feature JavaFX. This marks the further re definition of phones by OS rather than Industrial Design.

So to me the OS race start line looks like this at the moment (no particular order):

Nokia OS 40 series

Nokia OS 60 series

Symbian phones

Mac OS on an IPhone

Sony Ericsson OS +variants

Motorola OS +variants

Windows Mobile

Linux (Openmoko)

and the all the others

OpenMoko reveal their philiosophy on their web page:

“Mobile phones, currently closed and self limited, will rival broadband computers. When based on Open standards, they will deliver ubiquitous computing and vanish.

Ubiquitous computing means more than computing wherever you wander: It means knowing the locale, weaving seamlessly into the local fabric, and vanishing.

Devices disappear when developers have unrestricted access to hardware.

Neo gives you this control for the first time.

We want your mind in OpenMoko. Let’s work together. You’ll have our full support. Now, Free Your Phone.”


Comparativa de clientes de Twitter para móvil

Jtwiiter was recently reviewed by Sasha Fuentes of Xataka Móvil. Xataka Móvil is a weblog based in Spain following mobile telephony, terminal services and software for telephones.


Aunque cada uno debería probar las tres opciones, la verdad es que yo me he quedado con jTwitter, por su simplicidad y rápido funcionamiento. Sin necesidad de configuraciones extrañas, este programa va al grano sin liarnos con múltiples opciones, tal como ha de hacer un programa destinado a usarse en el móvil.”

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Google mobile is almost a portal site

Google mobile is almost a portal site…but I thought google was the anti portal site.

Portal sites like O2 active, Orange world and Voda Live have been discredited, too clunky.

The is different. It is much better in terms of layout and features. Nonetheless its clear that it is going in a certain direction and that direction is one where the users never leaves, Google controls everything, just like a the old portal idea, that bothers me.

There should be something about mobile content that makes it uniquely suited to being mobile. That is, content that is not just a mobile version of web content. I would like to see a mobile google that finds mobile content well. The light touch that made google so successful in the first place should be there on google mobile too. Really good mobile search is very very hard to do. Sticking in a whole load of features instead doesn’t solve the problem.