Phone StreamFX and Nokia "Download"

Nokia Download buttonNokia owners will be familar with the “Download” button in the main menu area. PhoneStreamFX is now available using this innovative content download facility.

The exact content available depends on the country and the operator your phone is registered with. In most EU countries go to

Main Menu/Download/Applications/Jamster/Multimedia/PhoneStreamFX

Phone StreamFX is now Java Verified!

EyeSpyFX are delighted to announce that Phone StreamFX is now Java Verified!

Phone StreamFX is a Java application that you download onto your mobile phone which will allow you to view streaming webcams on your phone.

You can set up a USB webcam at home and view it using your mobile phone. If you have a Logitech Sphere or Creative Motion pan and tilt webcam you can move the cam using the number keys on your phone.

You can also use Phone StreamFX to view security Network Cameras.
You can also use Phone StreamFX to take a tour around the world jumping from famous cam to cam.

Sun Microsystems run the Java Verified certification program. The Java Verified program is the industry standard certification program for Java Mobile Software. Mobile end-users, wireless network operators and mobile device manufacturers around the world trust the Java Verified Program to identify the highest quality mobile Java technology applications!

Phone StreamFX now on Blackberry

EyeSpyFx have launched PhoneStreamFX on Blackberry. All the usual PhoneStreamFX features are in there:

  • A great world cams list
  • PIN logon for security network cameras
  • USB webcams with access via PIN logon on or the forever popular live list. For pan tilt cams (Logitech Sphere and Creative Live Motion) the controls on the Blackberry is the 2,4,6,8 buttons.

Of course the 320×240 screen on Blackberry is particularly suited for viewing webcams. It is a perfect format.

PhoneStreamFX Blackberry