Remote gate sensors

EyeSpyFX are proud to announce integration with IOTA door/gate sensors and IPIO mobile app. IOTA door/gate sensors and IPIO are ideal for:

  • gates on remote building sites
  • farm buildings
  • the access hatch to CCTV tower units
  • equipment rooms in harbours, boat yards and other remote locations
  • boat hatches

The IOTA door/gate sensor is a robust device suitable for outdoor deployment in remote locations. It uses the SIGFOX network. Sigfox is a ZeroG mobile network that transmits very small pieces of data. The sensor has its own power supply and network connectivity. Open/close events are logged on the IPIO mobile app and a notification is sent to the user. Battery status, signal strength and postion state are displayed in the App input tile.

  • Robust build quality
  • Excellent UK and Ireland Sigfox network coverage
  • 10 year battery life
  • Event logs shown in IPIO app
  • Event notifications sent to app
  • Battery and Signal strength indicators in app
  • Event rules can trigger IPIO actions such as lights on or warning siren
  • No more running wires to difficult to reach door and gates

IOTA remote sensor and IPIO: ideal for locations with no power or internet

Gate Sensor

Robust Gate Sensor


IPIO app showing Sensor tile and door and CCTV controls

IPIO app showing log page

IPIO app showing log page

Sigfox coverage

Sigfox coverage in UK and Ireland

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IPIO User levels

The IPIO system has a number of different user levels each designed to suit different roles. There are levels for:

  • Site owner/managers
  • Ordinary users and site visitors
  • System Installers
  • ARC operators

Site Owner/Managers
This person will use the mobile app and be the primary user of the system. They are able to arm/disarm, open/close the system. They can see input status. They view event logs and they will receive notifications when an event occurs (for example: if someone arms the CCTV). They can name an output or input. They can decide how the app should appear selecting which outputs and inputs should be displayed. Owner/Managers can invite Ordinary Users to join the site.

Ordinary Users and site visitors
These app users can arm/disarm a system. They can also see input status. They cannot see logs and will not receive event notifications.

System Installers
Installer level app users can do everything a Site/Owner can do plus they can set up input and output rules. Installers can also add Virtual Outputs such as Camect devices and virtual Inputs such as Sigfox devices.

Portal Users
Portal Users are normally ARC operators. This is the Super User level of the IPIO system. Portal Users have access to a powerful web view that allows full system access suitable for administration of all IPIO units under management of that ARC.

Feature Ordinary User Owner/Manager Installer Portal (web pages)
Add IPIO device
Remove IPIO device
View Logs
View Users
Remove Users
Remove Managers/Installers
Add Users
Copy Users to a new IPIO device
Change User Role
Give Installer Access
Set Output Name
Set Output Status
Set Output Notifications Active
Make Output visible on main control screen
Set Input Name
Set Input Status
Set Input Notifications Active
Make Input visible on main control screen
Set/edit Output rules
Set/edit Input rules
Set/edit Schedules
Set edit Virtual Outputs (Camect)
Set edit Virtual Inputs (Sigfox devices)
Clear Logs
Suspend a device
Change IPIO ownership tag
Change Users role
Name an IPIO device on the portal
Set reminders (Custom feature)

For further information about IPIO please contact