IPIO Management Portal Update

The IPIO portal is used by Monitoring Centre (ARCs) and Installers to manage IPIO units.

We have just completed an upgrade to the Portal bringing even more power and features to monitoring centre professionals. Here are some of the key new features:

Web Interface

  • Cleaner, easier to read at a glance
  • Improved typography and spacing throughout
  • IPIO Inputs and Outputs in a pop up window just like in the app
  • Auto Refresh every 15 seconds
  • Hide offline units from the list of units
  • Pin states have been re-drawn to give a cleaner appearance

Figure 1: The IPIO Portal offers comprehensive management features for IPIO units


Figure 2: WebUi for IPIO Controls matched with App rendering

Micro notifications

  • New notification alarms for online / offline events
  • Hide notifications from appearing

Figure 3: Event tray for online/offline events

Event logs

    • Comprehensive event logs
    • New “change to schedule” event added
    • Colour coded easy to read event list
    • Transfer users from one unit to another

Figure 4: Cleaned up event logs


  • Notification tray added so you can see missed online/offline events
  • Change a user’s role feature added
  • Can change portal password direct from the portal when logged in

Figure 5: Move users from one unit to another