What is EyeSpyFX Webcam?

EyeSpyFX Webcam is our free and easy to use webcam software.

EyeSpyFX Webcam

View your camera from anywhere in the world via the internet or on your mobile phone. You can use it to check in on family, as a secuirity cam for your business, or any number of other applications.

The software works with any USB camera, and is able to broadcast from behind a firewall or network.
[for Network (IP) Cameras you need CamToMobile]

Features include:-

      Chat – Chat to your visitors in real time on the camera page.
      Snapshot – Capture an image of the camera over the internet.
      Comments – Allow your camera’s viewers to leave comments.
      Time stamp – Put the date and time on the camera image.
      Archive – Save still images of your camera at regular intervals.

Your camera appears on our Live List page, giving you an easy way to access your camera from the web. For those users that prefer their privacy, we offer secure password protection and the ability remove your camera from the EyeSpyFX Live List.

Remotely Control your camera

Creative Live! Motion Logitech Orbit (Sphere)

For those of you with a Logitech Orbit (Sphere) or a Creative Live! Motion camera, EyeSpyFX Webcam offers you remote pan and tilt of your camera via the web and mobile phone. You can also add preset postions for your camera, allowing cam users to see your cameras most interesting views with one click.

EyeSpyFX Webcam is available for download here.