Some Fun Christmas Webcams

Here are two more fun webcams.
This time for the holiday season they are Christmas themed.

1. Alexs Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease
Turn on and off a house full of christmas lights, inflate and deflate inflatable decorations (very fun), and watch it all on three seperate webcams.

Alexs Controllable Christmas Lights

The site layout could use a little cleaning up, but the interaction with the Christmas decorations is great, and its for a good cause.
(It helps to raise money for research into an autoimmune disorder called Celiac Disease).

You can only control the lights from 4PM MST (thats 11PM GMT) for 7 hours.

2. Control The Show
Turn off and on 12 different sets of christmas lights on this house from the webpage.

Control The Show

The layout is cleaner but I didn’t have as much fun as I did on Alex’s Controllable Christmas Lights. No inflatable decorations or Christmas music. Still very cool though, and there must have been alot of people viewing the controlling the lights. They were blinking on and off all the time.

You can control the lights from 5PM EST ( thats 10PM GMT) for 8 hours

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