Network maintenance

——–UPDATE 2————

Work is complete and server is running again.


The hosting company have informed me that the maintenance will now take 4 hours

2:00 am to 6:00 am GMT

It is out of our control – we apologise for the inconvenience


Dear Users,

Our hosting provider is doing network maintenance that will affect our My Webcam service

Maintenance Start Time: 2:30AM GMT, 17th May 2012 Maintenance Completion Time: 4:30AM GMT, 17th May 2012
Total Time: 2 Hours

Sorry for the inconvenience
EyeSpyFX Team

Planned maintenance

There is a planned maintenance shutdown of one of our My WebCam servers from the hours of to 11am (GMT/UTC) 22/02/12

This will affect about half of the My WebCam cameras.

Apologies for the inconvience caused.


New app for VSaaS in Dominican Republic

servicamiconEyeSpyFX are delighted to announce in partnership with LHS ( the launch of a new Iphone app called ServiCam. ServiCam is the brand name for the new LHS VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) business based in The Dominican Republic. Video Surveillance as a Service is increasingly gaining market share and global spread as more and more companies begin to take advantage of the cloud to manage their security cameras. ServiCam is available for iPad and iPhone. A Blackberry version will be launched in a few days time.


Nokia S40 world view

Working with iOS, Android and Blackberry its sometimes easy to forget the massive reach of Series 40 Nokia. In EyeSpyFX we started of building our apps for Series 40 and 60 in 2004. For us in EyeSpyFX I guess it reached its height in 2006/7. The problem was always distribution and multi model compatibility. Nokia had no app store and 100s of different phones. Now there is Ovi and rather fewer models of phone. In fact in recent years Nokia have made some really beautiful series 40 phones, overlooked in all the hype about “smart” phones. The Touch and Type X3 is one example. I wonder how Nokia will manage the future of its feature phone division once they start to roll out Windows Mobile phones. This video is part of the campaign to grab developer interest in Series 40 and the Create4Millions competition.

EyeSpyFX at ASIS

ASIS11Anthony Hutton, Managing Director of EyeSpyFX will attend ASIS11 in Orlando, Florida 17-19 Sept. ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security) is the annual conference and exhibition for the American Security Industry. A major part of the security industry is camera surveillance. EyeSpyFX have been working with major industry players to create multiplatform mobile solutions for IP camera surveillance and recording. Mr Hutton will showcase EyeSpyFX mobile solutions with key partners in a series of meetings and conference events.

D-Link Cams app now on Blackberry


EyeSpyFX are pleased to announce the launch of our app “D-Link Cams” for Blackberry. D-Link Cams is already available for iPhone and Android and the Blackberry app completes the set. (Perhaps we will build a windows mobile version when the Windows Nokia phones hit the streets).

D-Link Cams enables you to view and control D Link network cameras using your Blackberry mobile phone.

It works using a 3G connection and/or a wifi connection. The app is compatible with a wide range of D-Link network cameras. The app is an essential mobile tool for security guards and property owners who need to protect their property and businesses.

The D Link Cams Blackberry app builds on the already successful collaboration between EyeSpyFX and D-Link.

D Links Cams for Blackberry is available on Blackberry App world

Blackberry Playbook – arrived in EyeSpyFX offices

We applied for a free test Playbook from Blackberry and it arrived today (28/04/11).
First impressions: Its very nice indeed. Very nice swipe motions, very nice industrial design, crisp graphics. If BB made phones like this they would back at the top of the smartphone game very quickly.




Second impression, the touch interface is very senstive and takes a bit of practice. No more time will make a video maybe tommorow